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Best & Hottest New Gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas may only have come to a close in January, but bhy February new gadgets were already appearing, including those only in prototype form for now, but certain to soon be on sale.

Until we receive reports from the next major exhibition, which will be held in mid-April in Hong Kong, in this issue we bring you the latest gadgets that appeared on the market in February, following the big CES.
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ZTE Blade S6
PRICE: €230

This is ZTE’s latest smartphone which looks similar to its Apple flavoured rival. Appearances aside, the price tag is low and its the first phone we’ve seen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor. Also on the spec sheet is 4G LTE support and a 5in HD screen.

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How To Make Your Business Life Easier

The working day consists of challenges, not only in decision-making and team management, but the organization of work, motivation, time, money and with all that in mind – also balancing the private life. This is particularly important when, projects keep piling up, phone calls never stop, and meetings never end. As the productivity is key to the success of the modern businessman, then we have to keep finding the ways to be productive. That is where, apps come in life of every businessman.

The best utility apps are designed to make your hectic life a little bit easier, and maybe even more enjoyable. There are free and also paid business apps that tap into the great mobile experience and keep executives productive all day long. There are also very expensive apps which are largely designed with an exclusive target audience in mind - often for professionals in a given area.

We welcome you to the modern world of „multitasking“ in which you can readily step into choosing the right application for your business.



Alpha Trader For Investment Pros
PRICE: €787.76

Alpha-Trader is a global trading suite for investment pros. The app gives real-time stock prices, price alerts, portfolio risk indications, asset correlation, and asset category charts. This app is designed for individuals in the professional investment market. Alpha-Trader can be used as a comprehensive tool to gather information on a variety of aspects including real-time stock prices, portfolio risk indicators and daily profit/loss.

AVAILABLE: Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows.


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Green gadgets - Home green home

With increasing awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle, people want to know how to live better and how to do things better. Therefore it is essential that our home becomes a real small eco oasis that will support our healthy habits - eating better, fitness activities and promoting eco design in everyday objets. Since modern world constantly force us to be networked, our gadgets should be the greenest possible but also to allow us to be healthy, eco aware and informed. With eco-friendly gadgets in our daily lives, we would be able to cut a lot of electric energy wastage and reduce pollution. Here we present some very carefully picked green gadgets for our everyday healthy habits and activities at home.
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Garmin Vivosmart
PRICE: €117

Garmin takes smart wearable tech which does just about everything we’d ask an activity monitor to do. It not only tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep — it also tells you when to start moving after long periods of inactivity, provides notifications from your phone that you can swipe through on the OLED touchscreen.

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World's Most Expensive Gadgets

GadgetsGadgets have become an essential part of our daily life. In this technologically driven world there are many new and innovative gadgets introduced every year to make life easier for people, while these are also the symbols of luxury, flaunted by the rich people who pay hefty sum to possess these gadgets. The fetish for it never stops and people always look forward to upgrading to a better one. Here are some of the most outrageously expensive gadgets.

So, here's a quick few details and ideas about how you can most effectively and cheaply fill your wardrobe and look like you’ve spent months preparing for the opportunity to strut your stuff on some plaža.

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Water Sports to Try This Summer

CORD July 117 Page 76 Image 0001

If you’ve decide to spend your summer on an active holiday somewhere beside the sea, lake or river, you will be surprised by the large assortment of water sports that are available for you to choose from. In the last fifteen years water sports have been among the fastest growing recreational activities in the world.

Okay, so Serbia doesn’t have a coastline, but right next door, on the coasts of some of Serbia’s neighbours, you can find great places for a wide variety of water activities, from kite-boarding to knee-boarding and jet skiing to surfing.

If you have only just started taking an interest in this type of recreation, don’t unnecessarily waste a lot of money buying top equipment. Instead, take the opportunity to hire equipment and ascertain what works best for you.

Many water sports are included in the category of extreme sports and they require special skills and injuries are common. This is something else to be considered when selecting a sport.

Of course, this advice does not apply to professionals and experts who have been engaged in their specific water sports for a long time.

The following recommendations are addressed to those who have yet to decide how best to make the most of their few weeks on the beach.

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