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Tech gadgets can introduce great time-saving advantages to your day, as well as making life easier. However, we are bombarded with gadgets and various applications today more than ever before and very few of them are actually worth the money. We’ve gone through the best tech gear out there and narrowed it down to a dozen new gadgets that can assist you in a variety of aspects of your life. Our selection is dedicated to those of our readers who are always seeking innovative and fashionable gadgets. Here is our collection of the best gadgets of 2014 (so far...)

The Withings Aura
PRICE: €216

CorD 114 April Page 76 Image 0001The Aura, a new sleep-tracking smart device, is made up of two parts: a lamp and sound system that helps you fall asleep or wake you up with specially colored lights; and a sensor that goes under your mattress and measures movement, heart rate, and breathing.

YotaPhone 2

CorD 114 April Page 76 Image 0002Russian company Yota Devices come up with the second-generation of YotaPhone, equipping it with 2 features a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display up front and a 4.7” 540 x 960-pixel e-ink one on the back. Design-wise, the YotaPhone 2 is a huge improvement over the original one. The handset should launch globally by the end of 2014.

HP ElitePad 1000
PRICE: €532

CorD 114 April Page 76 Image 0005The ElitePad 1000 is a Windows 8.1 tablet built for the business user who wants to maintain a connection between work and play. The ElitePad 1000 G2 is an enterprise-focused tablet, touted by the firm as a “total business solution.” Flexibility is the tablet’s main focus, with full-sized HDMI ports, multiple accessories 64-bit Intel processors, dual cameras and enterprise IT integration software.

Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth
PRICE: €95

CorD 114 April Page 76 Image 0004The sophisticated, performance-driven Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth® headset is an inspired blend of elegance, comfort, and signature Plantronics audio technology. Voice commands keep you in control, audio alerts keep you informed, premium noise cancelling keeps calls clear in any environment, and a portable charging case keeps Voyager Edge ready when you are. The Voyager Edge will be available from April.

Huawei E5786

CorD 114 April Page 77 Image 0001Huawei E5786 supports downlink speeds of up to 300Mbps, while the uplink rate can reach 50Mbps. It means E5786 support large files and movies of a high-definition download to be completed within 30 seconds. In addition, Huawei E5786 use carrier aggregation and high-frequency technology to support 10 mobile broadband WiFi access, and is the first mobile hotspot to support WiFi 802.11ac 2 × 2MIMO, while supporting 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band, dual antenna, to provide users with better internet access. The Huawei E5786 will be available from May 2014

iPro Lens System
PRICE: €35

CorD 114 April Page 77 Image 0006The iPro Lens System range, a set of interchangable lenses -- Macro, Wide Angle, Super Wide, Fisheye, and Telephoto -- has now been expanded to include the iPhone 5, 5S, and 4/4S, as well as Samsung Galaxy S4, and current iPad models. Schneider Optics says that a new clip fits the latest models of the iPad Mini, Air and iPad 2, allowing you to fix the lens on the back without damaging your tablet.

Epson Moverio BT200
PRICE: €500

CorD 114 April Page 77 Image 0003The Moverio glasses are in essence, two small LCD projectors, alongside Android 4.0 support, Bluetooth, head motion tracking and a front-facing camera. Unlike Google Glass, the Moverio is aimed more to improve professional productivity than for consumer use.

Digital Storm Bolt II
PRICE: €1,370

CorD 114 April Page 77 Image 0002Digital Storm’s Bolt gaming PC measures just 9.1 cm wide and about 35cm square. It looks more like an HTPC than anything else. Inside that lithe custom-built chassis is (up to) an Intel Core i7-3770K, an ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe motherboard, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (2GB), and 16GB of DDR3-1600MHz RAM. For storage, the Bolt features a 120GB SSD paired with a 1TB (7200RPM) hard drive, and there’s a slim 8x DVD-RW optical drive, as well.

Sony SmartBand
PRICE: €99

CorD 114 April Page 77 Image 0004It doesn’t even carry a display, opting instead to vibrate when the wearer receives a notification like a phone call. You can also press the SmartBand’s button to create “bookmarks” of specific events or places in time and go back to check the log later. Aside from logging steps, calculating calorie burn and sending notifications, Sony’s SmartBand can act as a media remote, letting you control playback of music on your smartphone.

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Cool Home Gadgets

Cool Home Gadgets

Use 2014’s latest, neatest gadgetry to turn your place into a smart-home. CorD has a cutting-edge tech marvel for just about every room – even your bathroom. Whether you’re preparing food, listening to tunes wirelessly or creating solid objects out of thin air via 3D printing, your home will be 21st-century-proof. Brushing your teeth will never be the same again.

MakerBot Replicator Mini
PRICE: €1,020

CorD 113 March small Page 78 Image 0002Alongside its new Replicator and supersized Replicator Z18, MakerBot has lifted the lid on the Replicator Mini – potentially the first affordable consumer 3D printer for home users. Wi-Fi allows for printing from mobile devices, as well as other interactions such as monitoring progress remotely via a built-in camera.

AeroDream One iPhone Speaker Dock
PRICE: €399

CorD 113 March small Page 78 Image 0001
The AeroDream One music tower station stands over 3.3m high and weighs almost 400kg – so in order to connect your device at the top, you’ll have to climb a ladder. The tubeshaped docking station delivers 10,000W worth of sound and features a 28cm subwoofer and five-channel amplifier.

Canary Home Security
PRICE: €399

CorD 113 March small Page 78 Image 0004
Having raised more than US$2 million to develop its home security system, Canary is back with an upgraded system and an iOS app to control it all with. The app shows live video feeds, alerts and lets you adjust your security settings remotely. Out summer 2014.

AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker
PRICE: €22

CorD 113 March small Page 78 Image 0003
The AeroPress uses total immersion and gentle pressure to produce up to four cups of micro-filtered coffee or espresso in less than a minute. And all with low acid levels and the perfect taste.

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera
PRICE: €220

CorD 113 March small Page 79 Image 0003Originally floated as a concept back in 2012, the Android-based Socialmatic produces Polaroids as we know and love them. An inkless printing system enables users to print stickers of their sepia-tinted images and customise them via an 11cm touchscreen. Ready for release by the end of 2014.

LaCie Christofle Sphère

CorD 113 March small Page 79 Image 0001
The LaCie Sphère designed by Christofle is a handcrafted hard drive enclosed in a spherical case of silver-plated steel. Due to its round shape, the Sphère requires a careful manual plating process. It is stamped, silver-plated and finally polished for perfect brightness. The highly reflective finish makes the hard drive a decorative piece to accompany any upscale home or office workstation.

Kolibree Toothbrush
PRICE: €73

CorD 113 March small Page 79 Image 0006
The Kolibree toothbrush records every use via its accelerometer. Once connected to your Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth, the Kolibree app synchronises your brushing data automatically and lets you know whether you got everywhere and how long you brushed for.

iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer
PRICE: €73

CorD 113 March small Page 79 Image 0002
This device lets you monitor the temperature of your food from up to 50m away, letting you know when it’s been cooked to perfection.

TREWGrip Keyboard
PRICE: €185

CorD 113 March small Page 79 Image 0004
The TREWGrip is a handheld keyboard and air mouse for your mobile tech, smart TV and desktop. Its standard QWERTY layout is split and rotated so hands gripping it can touch-type effectively, even on a smartphone. Due for release in summer 2014.

Dream One Speaker

CorD 113 March small Page 79 Image 0005
Not only do these speakers provide incredible surround sound, they’re also wireless and enabled with every kind of connectivity you can imagine, turning any and every device into a DJ deck. With its sleek rocket-like shape, there’s nothing these speakers can’t do. Out this autumn.

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Best Fitness Gadgets


CorD-112 Page 78 Image 0001

Believe it or not, in a few weeks you’ll find the mornings getting brighter, temperatures rising day by day and greenness emerging in the parks. All of which can mean only one thing: spring is coming. This is the time for you to kickstart a new fitness routine – after all, it’ll be summer before you know it. It might seem a little early to be talking summer bodies, but as far as fitness is concerned, too early is better than too late. Here is CorD’s guide to the latest fitness gadgets for 2014, whether you’re looking to shift a few kilos or just stay in shape

CorD-112 Page 78 Image 0002

Jawbone UP


The UP helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat, so you can make smarter choices. The new UP app displays movement and sleep details from your UP24 or UP band and delivers insights, celebrates milestones and challenges you to make every day better. You can also share accomplishments with friends via the app.

CorD-112 Page 78 Image 0003
Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband


If you’re using your smartphone while you exercise, whether it’s to track your activity or just listen to music, it’s worth getting an armband to keep it in. Having a phone strapped to your arm might feel a little awkward at first, but it makes it easy to see the screen, change songs or check your exercise statistics without fumbling in your pocket. This one from Griffin works nicely and is available for a range of devices.

CorD-112 Page 78 Image 0005

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle


It’s common knowledge that staying hydrated is key when working up a sweat. To be sure you’re getting just the right amount of H2O your bod needs, the Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle measures your daily consumption and then ensures you’re getting the energy boost that only agua can provide.

CorD-112 Page 79 Image 0003

Reebok CrossFit Lifter


The CrossFit geniuses at Reebok have taken their technology to the next level with a shoe that easily customises to your feet. Simply pop the Reebok CrossFit Lifter in an oven preheated to 200 degrees (yes, you read that right) and heat for three minutes until the U-Form tab turns red. Then take the shoes out of the oven, lace up as you would normally and wear the kicks while seated for eight minutes. Even with this crazy customisation, the shoe weighs in at just 380g.

CorD-112 Page 79 Image 0004
Pioneer SE-D10E Headphones


Pioneer has launched two new headphones with a flexible and durable build quality ideal for most extreme sports. Either of the SE-D10E STEEZ or SE-E721 headphones are the ideal exercise accessory for anyone who desires robust on-the-go music-playing capabilities with high-quality audio. Built with movement in mind and available in a variety of styles, the two pairs are designed to deliver great sound no matter how rough-and-tumble your sport is.

CorD-112 Page 79 Image 0005

Nexersys Home Unit for Boxing


Step out of the ring, boxing champs, because this stateof- the-art fitness gadget will have you knocking ’em out in the middle of your living room. The Nexersys Home Unit for Boxing has seven strike pads and a trio of axis accelerometers, so you can jab and hook with ease. The monitor stays on top of your accuracy, power and strike counts, so you can keep improving your pugilistic skills. A real KO.

CorD-112 Page 79 Image 0002
Amiigo Fitness Bracelet


A fitness app and lightweight plastic bracelet (with detachable shoe-clip) that can identify the type of exercise you’re doing and tell you how well you’re doing it as you’re doing it, all thanks to a variety of sensors that analyse how your body responds as you run, bike, swim (yes, it’s waterproof) or any other exercise you might care to partake in.



CorD-112 Page 80 Image 0001
Garmin Edge 800 GPS Cycle Computer


This touchscreen cycling computer has GPS navigation with built-in maps and is designed to withstand bad weather as well as bumps and knocks. As well as helping with navigation, the Edge 800 tracks data about your ride, including distance, speed and elevation. It’s also compatible with many heart rate monitors, power meters and cadence sensors for those who want more detail.

CorD-112 Page 80 Image 0003

J-Fit Digital Jump Rope


The old-school skipping rope gets a makeover, and it’s no longer just for the playground. The J-Fit Digital Jump Rope measures how many skips you’ve taken, meaning you can save your breath from counting them out loud. Just focus on your rhythm and you’re on your way to beating your last high score. Jump to it!

CorD-112 Page 80 Image 0004

Fitbit Aria One


After connecting this scale to your home wireless network, your weight is recorded on your Fitbit account as well as being shown on the display. Its glass surface contains electrodes that send a pulse through your body to measure your fat percentage, from which it can calculate your Body Mass Index. All information can be viewed on the Fitbit Dashboard via your web browser or the dedicated iOS app, and up to eight people can register an account and share the same set of scales.




CorD-112 Page 80 Image 0002
Hapilabs Hapifork


The Hapifork tracks how quickly you’re gobbling up your dinner and alerts you using indicator lights to notify you on your speed. It even tallies how long it takes you to finish a meal, how many servings you’re opening wide for, and takes note of the intervals between each bite. Stick a fork in your days of overactive eating: they’re officially done.

CorD-112 Page 80 Image 0005

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS Limited Edition


The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS Limited Edition offers all the features of its TomTom-powered brethren, including tracking your time, distance, pace, heart rate, calories burned and NikeFuel, as well as the ability to upload your accomplishments to



CorD-112 Page 81 Image 0005
BMC Alpenchallenge AC01 Deore/SLX 700c Hybrid Bike


The BMC Alpenchallenge AC01 Deore/SLX 700c 2012 Hybrid is for riders looking for a bike to take with them everywhere – fast enough for the road and strong enough for the mountains. Frame: iSC alloy, triple- butted, hydroformed; Fork: Alpenchallenge disc concept alloy; Gears: Shimano Deore shifters, Shimano XT front mech, Shimano SLX rear mech, Shimano T551, 2-piece external BB chainset with 48-36-26 tooth chainrings, Shimano HG62, 11-34 cassette, 30 gears.

CorD-112 Page 81 Image 0002

Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment


Convenient one-handed drinking at the push of a button and storage for your stuff by Contigo. No spouts to open or lids to remove – simply press the button to drink and release again to seal automatically. If you’re running or hiking, there’s no need to bring extra gear, this has you covered for keys and a credit card or two.

CorD-112 Page 81 Image 0001

Price: (from) €108.00

Motorola’s Actv is a little touchscreen square that looks like a sixth-generation iPod Nano – and it acts like one too. Not only can it track your location and keep tabs on your heart rate and activity level, it can also store and play MP3s, send texts and check for weather updates. The Actv uses built-in GPS to determine your distance travelled during runs or bike rides, and sensors to measure calories burned during any workout.

CorD-112 Page 81 Image 0003Venture Canoes Ranger 14


Serbia has many beautiful rivers and lakes, so here is the ideal purchase for those who enjoy exercising on water. The Ranger 14 canoe can be used both on moving and flat waters and is best enjoyed on lightweight trips when used tandem. But it can also be paddled easily as a solo canoe, and on longer journeys as well.


CorD-112 Page 81 Image 0004
Blue Goji


Sometimes finding motivation to work out is harder than the actual workout itself. If you would rather play videogames instead of walking on a treadmill, pedalling on a stationary bike or an elliptical machine, the Goji Play from Blue Goji will get you moving and burning calories as you have fun playing games on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Gift talk

Christmas New Year’s Gifts

CorD 111 small Page 094 Image 0004

When it comes to the Christmas and New Year holidays, Serbia is a happy, celebratory country. Given it exists in the middle of West and East, Serbia is one of the few countries in the world that follows both the Julian and Gregorian calendars, as well as having both Western Christian churches and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. As such, it celebrates all of the holidays that go with that, meaning Serbia is blessed with two Christmases and two New Years. Or in other words, some 20 days of holidays!

When it comes to Christmas gifts for 25 December or 6 January, or New Year’s gifts, most Serbians, as befitting their country’s location, choose to stay in the middle – gifts are given on the New Year’s Eve of 31 December.

Gifts are traditionally bought at the very last minute, but if you prefer to avoid any rushing around, CorD is on hand to help you decide what to get for your loved ones…

CorD 111 small Page 094 Image 0002

Geo Block Scarf


Lashings of lapis blue, citrine yellow, navy and ivory will cheer up any ensemble while keeping you warm during those trans-seasonal months.

CorD 111 small Page 094 Image 0003

Stripe Merino Wool Glovelettes


Striped fingerless gloves spun from soft merino yarns offer a stylish solution for cold hands.



CorD 111 small Page 094 Image 0001

Chloé Paraty Leather Satchel


Handcrafted piped trim details the front and back of a leather satchel topped with dual handles and an optional shoulder strap.

CorD 111 small Page 095 Image 0002

Jimmy Choo Leopard Print Calf Hair Satchel


Exotic leopard spots fade to black on a silky calf-hair satchel topped with two different lengths of straps.

CorD 111 small Page 095 Image 0005

Kate Spade Leather Tech Gloves


A wrist-top bow accented with a goldtone pyramid stud adds that little something extra.

CorD 111 small Page 095 Image 0003
Lodis Credit Card Case


Smooth Italian leather creates a timeless design, ideally sized for space-saving organisation. The long strap snaps securely over card slots, while a side zip pocket provides a place for coins.


CorD 111 small Page 095 Image 0001

Anne Klein Round Leather Strap Watch


A mother-of-pearl dial and sparkling strap glam up an understated round watch.

CorD 111 small Page 095 Image 0004

St. John Collection Brooch


A magnificent Deco-inspired brooch radiates in an artful display of sparkling crystals and luminous glass pearls.


CorD 111 small Page 096 Image 0004

Wi-Fi and Usb Cufflinks


Keep an on-the-go connection to the ’net and your hard drive with this pair of sleek, tech-savvy cufflinks. After downloading the accompanying software, simply plug the Wi-Fi drive into your computer and follow the stepby- step instructions to take your tech-cessory online.


CorD 111 small Page 096 Image 0003

Monster Portable Audio System


A sleekly styled, lightweight audio system that uses Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream any song in your library from almost any device, smartphone, laptop, tablet or iPod. The system features Monster audio technology to deliver powerful, high-quality sound on the go.


CorD 111 small Page 096 Image 0007

Hugo Boss Baptiste Work Bag


Pebbled calfskin leather shapes a handsome briefcase-style bag designed with a large top-zip compartment and interior wall pockets for all your business essentials.


CorD 111 small Page 096 Image 0006

Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau de Parfum Decanter


The exotic scent of Oud Wood by Tom Ford features a blend of rosewood, cardamom, oud wood, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean and amber.

CorD 111 small Page 096 Image 0001

Timex Easy Reader Watch


The sleek brushed dial is boldly marked and features Indiglo lighting. A genuine leather strap is the perfect complement.

CorD 111 small Page 096 Image 0002

Mulberry Phone Cover


Sleek, luxurious yet practical, this simple leather phone cover features a secure tab-fastener and is crafted from soft, smooth calf leather.

CorD 111 small Page 097 Image 0006

Nike+ FuelBand


The fitness monitor gets a facelift, adding some flash to your wrist.



CorD 111 small Page 097 Image 0004

Frye Logan Messenger Bag


This sturdy messenger bag made from richly textured leather is furnished with multiple pouches for effortless organisation.

CorD 111 small Page 097 Image 0003

Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver


The most technologically advanced shaver from Braun, the series 7 is equipped with revolutionary sonic technology that automatically adjusts its power to the density of your beard and delivers an exceptional 10,000 micro vibrations with every stroke.

CorD 111 small Page 097 Image 0002

Stefano Ricci Pleated Silk Tie


Diagonal pleats add a shot of interest to this luxe silk tie from Stefano Ricci. Crafted in Italy, it’ll act as a handsome finishing touch to any formal look.

CorD 111 small Page 097 Image 0001

Stefano Ricci Crocodile Belt


Handmade in Italy, this twotone crocodile-skin Stefano Ricci belt is a stylish, elegant addition to any discerning gentleman’s wardrobe.

CorD 111 small Page 097 Image 0005

Hugo Boss Glove


Luxurious and classic, the deer-skin glove from German style house Hugo Boss is a timeless addition to your winter wardrobe.

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Ski Talks

SKI SEASON - Season 2013/2014
Prepare for a Long, Cold SKI SEASON

Even if you decide not to go to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, there are countless other options for showing off your skiing abilities, either at one of Serbia’s mountains, in a neighbouring country or at some of Europe’s most well-known ski resorts. Meteorologists predict this ski season will be relatively cold, with temperatures of 0-5ºC from November to the end of February and plenty of snow.

So wrap up and prepare for long, cold season on the slopes of Europe. The ski season begins in November and lasts until the end of March 2014, so you have plenty of time to update your equipment or just add a few details, from goggles and gloves to backpacks and skis. Although some might claim that the best part of the winter break is kicking off your ski boots and heading out for a night of partying, CorD is taking the opportunity to present the latest equipment for the 2013-2014 season so you can party on the slopes themselves.

After all, whether you head on a snowbound mountain vacation for skiing, hiking or partying all night long, you will always benefit from some fresh air or a walk through the snow – and the adrenaline of shooting down the mountainside at top speed.

110 Page 082 Image 0004

Salomon Enduro XT 800 (2014)

PRICE: €480

The XT 800 is a metal-reinforced, full-wood-core, semisandwich construction that combines lively, forgiving cap construction on top with grippy vertical sidewalls below. An additional layer of bamboo in the layup is designed to give it durability and resilient flex. A touch of tip rocker absorbs shocks for a smoother ride.

110 Page 082 Image 0002

Black Diamond Bandit AvaLung Backpack
<em ><em >PRICE: €105

With just enough room for the essentials, and the new improved AvaLung breathing system built in,
the Bandit gives you an extra margin of safety without slowing you down at all.

110 Page 082 Image 0001

Rossignol Super 7 (2014)
PRICE: €630

The Super 7 is light, has a tighter turn radius and is offered in lengths that are more manageable for most skiers. It’s part of the highly successful 7 series, which has been drastically revamped with new technologies for 2013-14



110 Page 083 Image 0005

Salomon Man's Board Snowboard 2014
PRICE: €370

Built with Cross Profile Rocker, Popster and ABC Green Roll construction, the Man’s Board is built to handle the manliest terrain on the mountain.

110 Page 083 Image 0001

Oakley Splice Goggles
PRICE: €88

Goggle technology is changing rapidly, and the Oakley Splice Goggles are at the forefront of those advances with the patented O Flow™ arch allowing both better airflow and improved comfort around the nose area.

110 Page 083 Image 0006

Head Supershape Team LR Skis + LRX 7.5 AC Bindings - Kid's 2014

PRICE: €430

Designed with durability and ease of use in mind, the Supershape Team LR skis feature a structured surface topsheet and an ERA 2.0 shape design, which will keep your young one skiing hard all day.


110 Page 083 Image 0003

Hestra Army Leather Wool Gloves
PRICE: €66 

The Hestra Army is made of durable proofed army leather with external seams for increased comfort and optimal pole grip. The removable wood pile and wool terry cloth lining allow you to choose how warm you wish to be.

110 Page 083 Image 0004

Salomon Quest Max 100 Ski Boots 2014

PRICE: €430

The Salomon Quest Max 100 Ski Boots are fully loaded with tech features
that make them perfect for intermediate and advanced skier.


110 Page 084 Image 0003

Atomic Automatic (2014)
PRICE: €630

The Atomic Automatic skis are surfy yet stable underfoot for fast paced spines and couloirs, quick turning for tree skiing and silky smooth for landing drops. The unique rocker profile provides float and pop, while still giving you stability and grip in harder snow conditions.

110 Page 084 Image 0001

Oakley Airbrake Goggles

PRICE: €160

With their Switchlock™ interchange system, these Oakley Airbrake Goggles allow you to swap lenses in seconds without fumbling to insert frame pegs into lens slots or worrying about the integrity of your frame

110 Page 084 Image 0005

Spacecraft Snowcat Pom Beanie
PRICE: €18

Bushy pom, awesome Spacecraft logo and supreme versatility.


110 Page 084 Image 0006

Dynafit Manaslu Skis - Women's 2014
PRICE: €515

Arguably the single most versatile touring ski ever built, the Dynafit Manaslu Women’s Ski is the perfect match for the adventurous female ski tourist who skis it all and loves long days in the backcountry. This ski performs like magic in any type of untracked snow and still holds an edge on steep and icy terrain.

110 Page 084 Image 0004

Armada Shifter GORE-TEX® Pro Jacket

PRICE: €280

Even beyond the groovy jacket and zipper colors, everything about this jacket was designed with detail and quality so you perpetuate awesome.



110 Page 085 Image 0002

Rossignol Diva Magtek Snowboard - Women's 2014
PRICE: €330

Magne-Traction gives this board superior grip in any snow condition while still being loose enough to get rad in the park. Pow day or park day, the 2014 Rossignol Diva Magtek Snowboard will perform at it’s best to propel you to the top of the snowboard-charts



110 Page 085 Image 0004

Burton Gore-Tex® Gloves - Kid's
PRICE: €34

Combining professionalgrade dryness with kidfriendly fit and function, the kid’s Burton GORETEX ® Glove is as stormproof as it gets.


110 Page 085 Image 0003

Full Tilt B&E Pro Model Ski Boots 2014
PRICE: €340

The Full Tilt B&E Pro Model Ski Boot 2014 is light and keeps you close to the snow,
giving you unmatched sensitivity on any of your tricks.


110 Page 085 Image 0006

Lange XT 90 Ski Boots - Women's 2014

<em >PRICE: €370
The Lange XT 90 Ski Boots are the first nocompromise highperformance boots that climb. Mono-injected shells and Control Fit are combined with ultradurable grip soles and arches, lightweight components and Power V-Lock shell technology.



110 Page 085 Image 0005

Heritage Backpack

PRICE: €40
If you’re looking for classic Herschel style in a pack that can handle everything from
globe-trotting to classskipping, the Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Backpack is for you.

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