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Lenovo Incredible Devices
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Adds More Flexibility with More Modes

An ideal entry convertible laptop, the FLEX 3 now comes with a 360° hinge, allowing the touch screen to rotate full circle so users can put it in Tablet mode. FLEX 3 gives users even more flexibility to do more in any mode: watch the latest hit drama in Tent mode, view family photos in Stand mode, read a novel in Tablet mode or type a document in Laptop mode. Thin and light, the FLEX 3 convertible laptop also offers a full Windows 8.1 Update computing experience with live tiles and a consistent interface across users’ Windows devices. They offer powerful computing with up to 5th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors in the 14-in and 15-in models and up to Pentium processors in the 11-in model and also feature up to 1 TB of storage for holding users’ digital content libraries. The FLEX 3 provides an equally compelling audio and visual experience with an HD 1366x768 screen in 11, 14 or 15-in screen sizes (or up to FHD on 14-in and 15-in) along with stereo speakers and Dolby Home Theatre.

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Gadgets for Summer 2015


Until around ten years ago, gadgets were viewed as toys intended primarily for children. However, these devices then started becoming increasingly sophisticated and useful – so much so that today everyone seemingly has at least one device that is always with them.

Whether you will spend this summer on the ocean, basking beside the sea, enjoying rivers, lakes and pools or high on a mountain, some of these gadgets will certainly grab your attention.

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Hydra diving mask/camera
PRICE: €110

Liquid Image takes underwater photography to new depths with its Hydra 305 diving mask. The included camera not only provides a 120-degree view, but works to a depth of 40 metres, making it perfect for recording snorkel dives on shipwrecks or exploring underwater caves with scuba gear.

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At The Edge Of Reality

Mobile World Congress 2015 surpassed all projections, with over 95,000 attendees from 200 countries

Hosted in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona for the 10th year, Mobile World Congress 2015 attendees were treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities; product showcases and announcements; inspiration and innovation, including speakers from consumer brands, mobile organisations, mobile operators and industries touched by the mobile market. If we add advertising, banking, health, entertainment and education experts presented in all together more than 40 conference sessions at MWC, this year Congress, celebrating 10th anniversary, has all reasons to get attributes to be the world’s biggest and most influential mobile event.

Almost 2,000 companies exhibited their latest and most enticing mobile products in the hectic and winding halls of the Fira Gran Via convention center in Barcelona. The show was mostly focused on the major smartphone manufacturers, as well as global telecom, and on smaller companies from Europe and the Middle East – French, Israeli, and Spanish entrepreneurs were out in force – though there were also especially large presences by plenty of Asian and African companies as well. MWC has grown to encompass anything that can connect to the Internet – not just your phone or your tablet.

Here are a few exhibits that caught our eye.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge
PRICE: €595

The Galaxy S6 builds on the success of the S5 comes with upgraded features, including a better camera, new aluminium casing and a larger, richer screen. The phone introduces the latest NFC technology allowing for wireless payments through a secure fingerprint scanner - much like the iPhone’s Touch ID. It can also be charged wirelessly.

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Best & Hottest New Gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas may only have come to a close in January, but bhy February new gadgets were already appearing, including those only in prototype form for now, but certain to soon be on sale.

Until we receive reports from the next major exhibition, which will be held in mid-April in Hong Kong, in this issue we bring you the latest gadgets that appeared on the market in February, following the big CES.
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ZTE Blade S6
PRICE: €230

This is ZTE’s latest smartphone which looks similar to its Apple flavoured rival. Appearances aside, the price tag is low and its the first phone we’ve seen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor. Also on the spec sheet is 4G LTE support and a 5in HD screen.

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How To Make Your Business Life Easier

The working day consists of challenges, not only in decision-making and team management, but the organization of work, motivation, time, money and with all that in mind – also balancing the private life. This is particularly important when, projects keep piling up, phone calls never stop, and meetings never end. As the productivity is key to the success of the modern businessman, then we have to keep finding the ways to be productive. That is where, apps come in life of every businessman.

The best utility apps are designed to make your hectic life a little bit easier, and maybe even more enjoyable. There are free and also paid business apps that tap into the great mobile experience and keep executives productive all day long. There are also very expensive apps which are largely designed with an exclusive target audience in mind - often for professionals in a given area.

We welcome you to the modern world of „multitasking“ in which you can readily step into choosing the right application for your business.



Alpha Trader For Investment Pros
PRICE: €787.76

Alpha-Trader is a global trading suite for investment pros. The app gives real-time stock prices, price alerts, portfolio risk indications, asset correlation, and asset category charts. This app is designed for individuals in the professional investment market. Alpha-Trader can be used as a comprehensive tool to gather information on a variety of aspects including real-time stock prices, portfolio risk indicators and daily profit/loss.

AVAILABLE: Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows.


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