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Belgrade Marathon: Stability Gives New Impetus For Development

Dragan Nikolić

The Belgrade Marathon is approaching its 30th birthday and ahead of us is the 28th event, this year consisting of three races once again – the marathon, half-marathon and 5km Fun Run. The date of the main event is 18th April and the Belgrade Marathon company expects a record number of participants and better days for this most important of local sporting events

Here to discuss the event is Dejan Nikolić, director of the Belgrade Marathon, who has worked with his colleagues since 1990 to develop the Belgrade Marathon based on the successful model of the world's biggest marathons, and has often found himself serving as a model for them, as was the case with the Children's Marathon.

What does the Belgrade Marathon represent today?

- In recent months the Belgrade Marathon has been the subject of a few gatherings which addressed marathons from different angles that have not been previously presented.

In November we had a lecture on the topic of creative industries at the Belgrade Faculty of Organisational Sciences, where the marathon was examined alongside two other major events: the Exit and Guča festivals.

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At The Edge Of Reality

Mobile World Congress 2015 surpassed all projections, with over 95,000 attendees from 200 countries

Hosted in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona for the 10th year, Mobile World Congress 2015 attendees were treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities; product showcases and announcements; inspiration and innovation, including speakers from consumer brands, mobile organisations, mobile operators and industries touched by the mobile market. If we add advertising, banking, health, entertainment and education experts presented in all together more than 40 conference sessions at MWC, this year Congress, celebrating 10th anniversary, has all reasons to get attributes to be the world’s biggest and most influential mobile event.

Almost 2,000 companies exhibited their latest and most enticing mobile products in the hectic and winding halls of the Fira Gran Via convention center in Barcelona. The show was mostly focused on the major smartphone manufacturers, as well as global telecom, and on smaller companies from Europe and the Middle East – French, Israeli, and Spanish entrepreneurs were out in force – though there were also especially large presences by plenty of Asian and African companies as well.

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