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Exciting Season Ahead


From cadet tournaments to the European championships, rugby league in Serbia continues to advance at a time when other sports are struggling to entice athletes and fans

March marks the official start of the Serbian rugby league season, which is now entering its 13th year since the reintroduction of the 13-man code in 2002. Alongside the regular domestic season, 2015 will also include the culmination of the twoyear European Championships, where Serbia tops the table in Group B, a host of friendly international ties and an extended youth competition.

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Best & Hottest New Gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas may only have come to a close in January, but bhy February new gadgets were already appearing, including those only in prototype form for now, but certain to soon be on sale.

Until we receive reports from the next major exhibition, which will be held in mid-April in Hong Kong, in this issue we bring you the latest gadgets that appeared on the market in February, following the big CES.
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ZTE Blade S6
PRICE: €230

This is ZTE’s latest smartphone which looks similar to its Apple flavoured rival.

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