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Adrenaline Without Limits

When it comes to the extreme activities of people addicted to the adrenaline rush, it is difficult to define the boundary between sport and that which certainly is not sport, but rather a deadly game that often ends in tragedy

Year after year, it is as though extreme games are pushing the boundaries. They are certainly helped in this by the development of technology, which provides lovers of dangerous game with new ideas and provides ever more opportunities for them to play with their lives. Those who deal with these “sports”, many of which are prohibited, know that they aren't necessarily deadly, but certainly instil an imminent sense of death—which is what makes them so thrilling and why we can't look away.

It's not all about the numbers. This selection of sports we are covering may not technically be the most lethal, but they certainly will make you feel like death is just around the corner—which is what really counts. Because driving your car to the volcano may be—by the numbers—more dangerous than surfing down said volcano, but is there really any question about which will get your heart pounding quicker?

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Unstoppable Novak Wins Third Wimbledon Title

No matter what Federer produced or how often he managed to get himself back in the contest, the magician at the other end of the court had an answer for almost everything. Đoković, who in the lead up to the final declared his opponent 'the greatest ever', secured a third championship at Wimbledon following a 7-6 (7-1), 6-7 (12-10), 6-4, 6-3 victory in two hours and 56 minutes.

For the second consecutive year Novak Đoković has denied the world No.2 the honour of becoming the most successful player in Wimbledon history, winning his ninth grand slam of his career. "It's always a great privilege playing against Roger, he's a great champion," Đoković said

"It's the greatest challenge I've ever had. He's done so much for our sport on and off the court and is a player that a lot of players from my generation looked up to him and followed his lead.



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